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The language engineer’s triangle

Interesting new post by Andreas Hausladen this morning.  It seems that there’s new copy protection in XE3 that scans all DLLs in the same folder as BDS.exe to ensure that they’re signed, apparently to keep crackers from pwning BDS with a poisoned library.  And according to Andreas, it really slows down the IDE’s startup time. Continue reading ‘The language engineer’s triangle’ »

Run-time stack information?

Just in case you haven’t listened to it yet, Jim McKeeth over at posted a new podcast last week. He did an interview with Allen Bauer that apparently ran for about two hours, so he split it up into two parts.  The second part isn’t up yet, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff in the first one.  But one of the most interesting things actually came in the comments.

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Smaller, cleaner RTTI coming?

One of the biggest complaints about the extended RTTI introduced in Delphi 2010 is the way it adds so much to the size of your EXE.  Well, in a recent StackOverflow answer, Barry Kelly hinted that the format of the basic RTTI structures in TypInfo.pas are “more likely to change from version to version now that it has a much higher level abstraction in the Rtti unit.” Continue reading ‘Smaller, cleaner RTTI coming?’ »

Native LINQ under active development?

I got a very interesting response to my last post, about missing features in extended RTTI.  Barry Kelly wrote in a comment,

There wasn’t any increase in [RTTI] coverage for XE because other work had priority (64-bit, x-plat, a front end that could support LINQ, more things that I can’t talk about).

None of this actually showed up in XE.  The cross-platform work was supposed to, right up until a couple months ago, but they deferred it because it wasn’t ready yet.  And the 64-bit work’s been promised but not delivered yet for a long time.  (Now they say it’ll be in XE2.  I sure hope so!)  But… LINQ support in the compiler?  Under active development and not a “more things I can’t talk about”?  Wow, when did this happen?
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