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Native LINQ under active development?

I got a very interesting response to my last post, about missing features in extended RTTI.  Barry Kelly wrote in a comment,

There wasn’t any increase in [RTTI] coverage for XE because other work had priority (64-bit, x-plat, a front end that could support LINQ, more things that I can’t talk about).

None of this actually showed up in XE.  The cross-platform work was supposed to, right up until a couple months ago, but they deferred it because it wasn’t ready yet.  And the 64-bit work’s been promised but not delivered yet for a long time.  (Now they say it’ll be in XE2.  I sure hope so!)  But… LINQ support in the compiler?  Under active development and not a “more things I can’t talk about”?  Wow, when did this happen?
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RTTI errors and omissions in Delphi XE

I’ve been playing around with DeHL a lot lately.  Embarcadero’s own Alex Ciobanu wrote this library, which provides a lot of useful functionality, including a set of querying methods that, while a bit bulky, are probably the best we’re gonna get until the compiler team gets around to implementing LINQ as a language feature.  (Which I really hope they will do.) Continue reading ‘RTTI errors and omissions in Delphi XE’ »

A hypothetical conversation

“Hi, Frank.”

“Hi, John.”

“Umm… I don’t mean to pry, but what exactly are you doing up on that ladder with that chainsaw?”

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A pleasant surprise with Delphi XE

I liked Delphi XE when I tried it out, but I still haven’t really moved all my work over to it. It takes a lot of setup to migrate everything, and I’ve been busy with other stuff lately. So I was doing come coding in D2010 last night, and I ran into an annoying error. Here’s a simplified version. This really ought to compile, but the compiler choked on it.
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First look at Delphi XE

This week’s just getting started, and it’s already had more than enough awesomeness to pack into a typical month.  The new version of Delphi came out yesterday.  Metroid: Other M and The Way of Kings, a new Brandon Sanderson book, were both released today.  (I have a feeling I’m going to be more distracted than usual for a while…) But as awesome as Metroid games and anything by Sanderson tend to be, (if you’re into fantasy at all, check out Elantris and Mistborn and prepare to be blown away,) this is a programming blog, and I’m supposed to be talking about Delphi.  So here’s the good, the bad, and the annoying about my first impressions with Delphi XE.

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