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Beware of Format Injection

So, first things first, I’ve moved on again.  And it was quite a move, all the way across the country to the Philadelphia area, home of the Liberty Bell, the cheesesteak, and the baseball team with possibly the least imaginative name in the history of professional sports.  (Original names don’t seem to be Pennsylvania’s strong suit. We’ve got a Pottstown, Pottsgrove and Pottsville all within about 30 miles of each other, for example.  On the other hand, there’s also this place, also nearby, so… yeah.)

I’m at Gateway Ticketing Systems now, the place where Nick Hodges was working when he made that “rock-star developer” video. (Which appears to no longer be available, unfortunately.)  It’s a nice place to work, even if they do use Mercurial. 🙁 Continue reading ‘Beware of Format Injection’ »