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DelphiLive keynote overview

I just got out of the DelphiLive keynote, presented by Michael Swindell and various other members.  As you can imagine, it was mostly about XE2 and demoing the new technologies, with a lot of talk about FireMonkey and using it for cross-platform development.  Here’s what really caught my notice: Continue reading ‘DelphiLive keynote overview’ »

XE2: TValue is much faster now

About a year and a half ago, I reported on how slow the original implementation of TValue in Delphi 2010 was, touching off a storm of comments and various other blog posts as other Delphi community members conducted similar experiments.  One thing that came out of it was a suggestion by Robert Love on how to improve performance by adding code to optimize for the most common cases. Continue reading ‘XE2: TValue is much faster now’ »