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DelphiLive keynote overview

I just got out of the DelphiLive keynote, presented by Michael Swindell and various other members.  As you can imagine, it was mostly about XE2 and demoing the new technologies, with a lot of talk about FireMonkey and using it for cross-platform development.  Here’s what really caught my notice: Continue reading ‘DelphiLive keynote overview’ »

Delphi Live 2011 announcement

Last year when I was at Delphi Live, the event was a bit smaller than it had been the year before.  Less attendees, less sessions, not as nice of a venue, etc.  Kind of to be expected, with the economy in the toilet and all, but still it was sorta sad.  I heard a few  people mention that the way things had gone, they doubted there would be another one this year.

Just yesterday I was thinking back on that, and I figured it was probably right, or we would have heard an announcement about it by now.  And that kinda sucked.  I’d really enjoyed going there the last two years.  Well, I’m glad to be able to say I was wrong about that.

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The insanities of roadmap publishing

Last night at DelphiLive they had a “Meet the team” event in one of the halls, where most of the RAD Studio development team was present and the attendees could hang out and chat with them.  While I was there, I talked with Mike Rozlog a bit.  He’d seen some of the critical things I wrote on here and on the forums about the roadmap, and he explained to me a bit about how the process of making a roadmap works.  One thing to keep in mind is that he told me it’s like this everywhere he’s worked.  What I’m about to describe is apparently not a symptom of dysfunctional corporate culture at Embarcadero; more like dysfunctional corporate culture in general. Continue reading ‘The insanities of roadmap publishing’ »

Going to DelphiLive! again.

This time last year, I was getting ready to take a plane down to California to attend the DelphiLive! conference, where I’d been invited to speak about developing games in Delphi.  This year, it’s been pushed back a few months, to be held in late August instead of mid-May, and I just now got the acceptance email from the organizers.  Looks like I’ll be presenting two sessions this year: “Using extended RTTI to make your life easier,” and “Game engine development in Delphi.”

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