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DelphiLive keynote overview

I just got out of the DelphiLive keynote, presented by Michael Swindell and various other members.  As you can imagine, it was mostly about XE2 and demoing the new technologies, with a lot of talk about FireMonkey and using it for cross-platform development.  Here’s what really caught my notice: Continue reading ‘DelphiLive keynote overview’ »

XE2: TValue is much faster now

About a year and a half ago, I reported on how slow the original implementation of TValue in Delphi 2010 was, touching off a storm of comments and various other blog posts as other Delphi community members conducted similar experiments.  One thing that came out of it was a suggestion by Robert Love on how to improve performance by adding code to optimize for the most common cases. Continue reading ‘XE2: TValue is much faster now’ »

XE2: New Delphi, same old broken installer

Since D2009 at least, I’ve never managed to get a new Delphi release to install correctly on the first try.  Each time, it’s been the same basic problem.  Each time, I’ve contacted Embarcadero about it and asked them to fix it.  Unfortunately, they still haven’t. Continue reading ‘XE2: New Delphi, same old broken installer’ »