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Run-time stack information?

Just in case you haven’t listened to it yet, Jim McKeeth over at posted a new podcast last week. He did an interview with Allen Bauer that apparently ran for about two hours, so he split it up into two parts.  The second part isn’t up yet, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff in the first one.  But one of the most interesting things actually came in the comments.

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Dynamic class creation: moving beyond the theoretical

A few years back, I ran across this post by Hallvard Vassbotn.  (It’s a shame he stopped blogging, because he always had some very interesting stuff about the technical details of how stuff in Delphi works.)  At the bottom was a paragraph that really fascinated me:

On a more technical level it suffices to say that they use custom and extremely compact and fast data structures, tricks and hacks to be able to represent millions and millions of objects within the constraints of a 32-bit Windows system. Throw in the use of Physical Address Extensions, storing per-class information in “virtual” class vars to reduce object instance size, creation of classes and their VMTs dynamically at runtime (!!), pointer packing, multithreading, the list just goes on and on.

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Smaller, cleaner RTTI probably NOT coming

I got an email from Barry Kelly in response to my last post:

I can’t comment on this article as it requires the commenter to be
logged in, and registration is disabled.

There are no plans for a more compact RTTI format. I’d love for there to
be, but the backward compatibility concerns are simply too large.
However, as more code relies on higher-level RTTI constructs, the scope
for freedom there increases incrementally. That’s all I was trying to

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