New blogs to watch

My friend and coworker François Gaillard recently set up a tech blog over at  I just ran across an interesting post about using inherited; in Delphi, and since he’s not listed on DelphiFeeds yet, I figured I’d link to it here.  He’s a pretty talented engineer with a good mind, so you can expect to see some good observations over there if he keeps at it.  (He also gave a very interesting session at Delphi Live this year about speech technology, and anyone who can get an English version of Windows to understand his thick Inspector Clousseau accent obviously knows a thing or two about bending a computer to his will!) 😉

Also, just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, (this isn’t quite as recent,) Nick Hodges has a blog again, over at, and it’s not on DelphiFeeds yet either.  I figured I’d post a link here, since one good shout-out deserves another.


  1. François says:

    Hey Mason, it has just been added to DelphiFeeds. 🙂
    Thanks for the shout-out! (or should I write “Zanks”?)

  2. Joshua Kehn says:

    Adding a few more to my ever growing list. Always good to know what other people are reading.