Fixed my blog

So apparently I got hacked somehow. Not sure what happened, but someone found a way in to my WordPress installation and started using it to serve spammy ad links.  I’ve rooted out the problem and installed a WP security plugin that will watch for and work to prevent future attacks, so hopefully this won’t happen again.

As a minor note, anyone who’s left comments on here, someone might know your email address now.  Aside from that, this shouldn’t cause any problems for my readers.


  1. Joseph G. Mitzen says:

    On a completely unrelated note, my income from spammy ad links has suddenly dropped to zero. 🙁

  2. gs says:

    which plugin did you install ?

  3. Donovan says:

    Had the same problem with WordPress, was hacked twice despite loading security plugins.

    Eventually switched to Joomla, and its just as good

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