So what was up with the forums?

Looks like the Embarcadero forums are back up now.  I know they’ve been down for a while, but has it really been more than a month?forum


  1. Eduardo says:

    Almost daily I was checking, since I use frequently.

    Not sure if a month, but very close to that. At least 3 weeks for sure. I had 4 times I think it appeared and gone in the same very day.

    How could that… I don´t believe there is no funds to get the proper stuff done right. Specially in something that is so helpful for the community. When I complied about that on a blog of some of the managers, he just pointed me to go to a community forum, that is sooo baaaaaaddddd.

    So sad. I hope it is now and fixed.

  2. Jan Doggen says:

    I have almost completely moved away from the Embarcadero forums (in favor of StackOverflow). Not even a conscious decision, but I see it is based on:

    – Too much small talk and event ouright whining going on in the Emb forums
    – The (ir)regular technical difficulties accessing them, as well as the old-fashioned UI.

    The fact that the Emb forums are not moderated like SO is, makes for a lot of noise when trying to find answers.

    • Eduardo says:

      I understand you but taking a look on the Firemonkey and Android public forums you will see that the answer ratio is way bigger than SO.

      Firemonkey questions is generally not answered on SO (at least for me).

      Not too mention that if you use a wrong word in SO you get shoot. Specially if you are not native english speaker like me.

      But it is shame. Right now the forums are down again. I can have a forum kicking and running for few bucks per month. It is amazing.

  3. Matthew says:

    Kind of scary in this day and age that my preferred development tools vendor can’t keep their forums up and running much less have a reliable backup process in place (and for us long-time folks this is far from the only time). I agree with Jan that my preferred source of info is StackOverflow and especially for the reasons mentioned (point #1 for sure). I still do a lot of work in Delphi, but have moved on to Visual Studio, C#, and Xamarin out of necessity and ability to find qualified staff locally.

  4. wchris says:

    One day I got a “jive error” when trying to access the forums. So maybe they tried to install a new system using “jive” but something went wrong, so they tryed to rollback to previous old system but it did go wrong too. Just an educated guess.

  5. LDS says:

    It looks they lost/deleted some threads… I’m sure there were more recent ones.

  6. Thaddy says:

    The devil is in the details. EMB is lacking not only here. Where is the manager to put that right? Go slow, go for quality throughout the organization. Isn’t happening. If the basics are wrong, marketing doesn’t help. And that is exactly where the budget is going.

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