Shameless Plug: uArm Swift

I just ran across this on IndieGoGo.  Everyone remember the cute lab robots from the first Iron Man movie?  Well, the people at uFactory are trying to actually build them.  (More or less.)

They’re building robotic arms with modular, interchangeable tools on the end and multiple methods to teach/program it to perform new tasks, from straight-out coding to putting it in “watch my hand and imitate its movements” mode.  And all of the core code driving the robot will be open-source, so those who own one will be able to easily share new tricks and build up libraries of actions for it.

Check it out here if it looks interesting.  (Full disclosure: this is a referral link.  Every one that someone buys through it makes mine a little bit less expensive.  But the only reason I have a referral link at all is because I ordered one; I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is here.)

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