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AnyDAC: First impressions

Over the last few days, when I’ve had some free time available, I’ve been working with AnyDAC’s TADMemTable, which Dimitry Arafiev, the author, pitched to me as a replacement for and an improvement upon TClientDataset. I’d like to report on how smoothly everything went and how well it works, and spend some time on my experience with the dataset and the new features it brings to the table.

Unfortunately, I don’t always get what I’d like.  I can’t really talk about stuff like that because I haven’t reached that point yet, due to various bugs and other implementation hurdles.

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I think I just got sponsored

A couple days ago, I got an email from a member of the AnyDAC dev team.  They make a set of professional data-access components for Delphi, and they’re looking for feedback and publicity.  They were willing to give me a free license, worth about $400, if I’d take the time to evaluate their components, provide some feedback and suggestions, and write up a few reviews on here.  Apparently they’re particularly interested in getting some focus on their in-memory dataset, DatS, which isn’t documented particularly well and doesn’t get used much. Continue reading ‘I think I just got sponsored’ »